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The Last Leaf video was narrated by
Sandra Joseph.

Photograph credits

John and Gertrude Janeway wedding photograph
– courtesy of Margaret Bentlage and the Knoxville News Sentinel

William and Maudie Hopkins wedding photograph
– courtesy of Miss Janie Cox

Paul Hopkins photograph as an older man
– courtesy of Henry E. Josten

Amelia Earhart and George Putnam, Jr.
- courtesy of George Putnam, Jr.

Dr. Arthur Burks and the ENIAC computer
– courtesy of Alice Burks

Colonel Norman Vaughan
– courtesy of Gordon Wiltsie

Corporal Charles Lindberg as an older man
– courtesy of Corporal Charles Lindberg

Pem Farnsworth on television
– courtesy of the Farnsworth Archives

Rose Freedman as an older woman
– courtesy of The Living Century/Reverie Productions

John Fulton as an older man
– courtesy of Susan Fulton Murphy

Frank Buckles as a World War I soldier
– courtesy of Frank Buckles

Frank Buckles as an older man
– courtesy of David J. DeJonge

Lieutenant John Finn
– courtesy of the US Naval Historical Center

Colonel Norman Vaughan
– courtesy of Carolyn Vaughan

The Lusitania
– courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum
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