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The Last Leaf is an unique oral history book containing almost forty interviews with the final survivors or last eyewitnesses of historically important events. They are the last living people who have experienced some of the most tragic, heroic, important, and transformative events in modern American history. In The Last Leaf, their stories are eloquently told in their own passionate words, and author Stuart Lutz blends their tales with background information in a lively narrative. All the chapters are well-illustrated with photographs of each "Last Leaf."

Some of the highlights of the book include the last three Civil War widows, the final American World War I soldier, the last pitcher to surrender a home run to Babe Ruth, Harry Houdini’s final stage assistant, the last suffragette, the final Iwo Jima flag raiser, the last living person to have flown with Amelia Earhart, the final designer of the ENIAC (the first electronic programmable computer), the last living Lusitania passenger, the final Medal of Honor winner for Pearl Harbor Day, and the final co-workers of Thomas Edison and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In The Last Leaf, these amazing and important tales of bravery, risk, innovation, loss and humor all come to life. The Last Leaf is published by Prometheus Books.

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